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NewsLettersNStuff.com Privacy Policy

Newslettersnstuff.com is designed to allow people to have a low cost e-mail list in compliance with the "Caned Spam Act of 2003". 

Addresses are used only in the way described by the list owner through the newslettersnstuff system only. Addresses are not shared or sold to others.  In that way each subscriber is guaranteed that hey can subscribe and unsubscribe as they choose.

Addresses are only used on the list they subscribe to. They can unsubscribe at any time.  The allows the subscriber to come and go from a list at their convenience.

All lists are "double opt in". This means that when a person subscribes to the list a confirmation is sent to the e-mail recipient to verify they want to be on the list. They must respond to the confirmation e-mail to be included in the mailings.

NewsLettersNStuff keeps information in a form it believes to be adequately secure, however, we can not guarantee the system will never be compromised.

 If you would like more information about our service please e-mail or call us at 877-658-4631.


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